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Helping Bring Peace of Mind to Our Clients and Members

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Global Project Development, Product Agency Representative, Financing, Private Funding and Real Estate Investing and Development

We Can Build You a New City of the Future

Our Approach 

We Listen, We Learn, We Locate, Then We Leverage

Our developing projects are in Canada, Bermuda, Jamaica and the Caribbean, Ghana, South Africa and the USA and growing fast.

Our Story

Arpheion Global Corp (AGC)

AGC is now a private and personal management and consultant company plus we are global product agency representative that assist both our local and international clients with sourcing products, services and financing/funding on a global scale. We pride ourselves in being independent and innovative in our approach to solving personal and business situations, problems and creating wealth for our clients.

This gives our clients more choices and opportunities at their fingertips that will increase their chances of success in all of their endeavors, personal and business. We are involved with a global network of professionals, investors, businesses and institutions that gives us the capability to assist our clients with just about any situation. We work with individuals, organizations, businesses and governments.

We now are also developing and constructing our own projects/developments around the world. Arpheion is now in Canada, Ghana, Bermuda, Jamaica, Caribbean, South Africa, USA and many more to come.

Our Main Services and Products:

Plus unique and innovative products and technologies and other profitable investment vehicles from around the world.

Market Research

  • Personal management/consulting
  • Personal & Business project development and funding/financing

Financial Analysis

  • Setting up and managing USA incorporation and other legal entities for local and international clients.
  • Setting up and managing real estate investment portfolios

Risk Management

  • Real estate consulting and management
  • Global business agencies and marketing & sales representatives
  • Hotel & resort development and marketing & sales.

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Plus unique and innovative products and technologies and other profitable investment vehicles from around the world.

Our Special Services and Representatives

  • Affordable Housing Program
  • Funding and Financing Program (Residential and Commercial)
  • HEACH Program
  • YourHome Program
  • AGC Incorporation Program (USA and International) 

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See the Services page for more programs.

The Juday Group 

David Juday


[email protected]

Water From Air

Arthur Brangman


[email protected]


Saul Kaye


[email protected]

GHS GmbH Global Housing Solutions 

Walter Roidinger


[email protected]

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