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Global Projects

Arpheion Global Corp (AGC) is now exploring several ongoing developments in six (7) different countries.

1. USA – Joint venture fully self-sufficient Veteran’s Village in Florida and Virginia.

2. Zambia New town/ city development – 

3. Bermuda - New hotel and resort developmentsBermuda – Infrastructure redevelopment. the proposal, a new bridge, and water bottling plant

4. Jamaica –

Housing, vertical farming, fish farming, schools, hospitals, and healthcare centers with private individuals, and businesses

5. Bahamas-Cat Island luxury resort development project – New infrastructure development, housing, vertical farming, fish farming, and healthcare centers with government and private businesses

6. South Africa - A joint venture development with a landowner to build a new town on 98 hectares in Ballito, South Africa.

7. South Africa – A joint Venture development for new power/energy supply.

South Africa – Water from Air company global expansion, we are now the exclusive representative for Bermuda and the Bahamas but also generally globally. We are taking a 3% stake in this company.

Short Business Summary from AGC

Arpheion is a Global Procurement Group, a private and personal and business development management and consultant company. Which procures, facilitates and assist both our local and international clients with sourcing of products, services, investments and financing/funding.

AGC was incorporated in Florida in May 2018, after we dissolved Arpheion Enterprise Inc. For the last ten months we have put together a great team of professionals, global projects with governments and local landowners plus built and developed relationships with US and international clients specifically to develop and manage. Our financing and funding arm will be Arpheion Global Capital Inc.

We pride ourselves in being independent and innovative in our approach to solving personal and business situations, creating jobs, economic growth, building future communities and building wealth. We give our clients more choices and opportunities at their fingertips that will increase their chances of success with their endeavors, whether it be personal and business. We are involved with a global network of professionals, investors/lenders, businesses, industries and institutions that gives us the capability to assist our clients with just about any situation. 

Our Goals:

Our whole prospective will be to design, develop, market and build projects around the world using specific products, technologies, companies and special services to customize each project. These projects can be for-profit or humanitarian, which gives us a very large scope to work in. We have a few unique funding / financing sources for these projects with no maximum amounts.

Our Global Strategy

We are embarking on a new strategy that will include all our present resources, contacts, industries, and innovative technology partners, plus our procurement of new and future highly qualified resources. The strategy is simple: we combine all our resources and package them to suit our respective goals for that town, city, landowner, country, business or foundation, etc. To accomplish these global projects, we will not rely only on a few sources or contacts but develop hundreds of them from our 

global hiring platform.

Each project will create its own specific criteria to satisfy our objectives and or the client's needs and wants. In some circumstances, we will develop our own projects, developed totally for our company and our brand. Branding ourselves on a global scale is one of our main strategic goals, second only to creating and having a solid financing resource to use anywhere in the world.

Another part of our strategy is to reorganize ourselves and position the company as a top global professional organization by partnering, bringing in personnel with the skills and experiences, selling shares in the company to strong financially independent individuals, and supporting and collaborating with creditable non – profit organizations and foundations that have the same interest. AGC will establish our own non-profit global foundation. We will need to do the following:

  1. Setup virtual offices around the world.
  2. Develop a new website and mobile international apps and software in all languages.
  3. Organize our global business branding campaign.

4. Secure solid global financing and funding sources.

5. Create an aggressive global management and 

marketing team.

Our Mission:

To develop a global network of resources that can be deployed by us anywhere, at any time for anyone. Thereby creating a global conglomerate.

Our Business Model:

We will create new development packages using all our industries for countries, cities, towns, individuals, and companies and market these possible packages via our mobile apps and software downloads.

These projects can also be redevelopments or upgrades of cities and towns with innovative ideas, technologies, and resources that are needed to solve a specific problem or desired needs and or wants. We will brand ourselves as the global go-to organization for these resources. AGC has developed, partnered, secured, and aliened AGC with all the necessary industries, companies, and management expertise to fulfill the following:

  • Establish an Arpheion company in every country in the world
  • Procuring funding and financing is one of our main income sources
  • Healthy housing community developments – our signature brand development
  • Affordable housing building systems
  • Innovative power/energy supplies
  • Clean water supply
  • Vertical farming development, construction, and management
  • Fish farming development, construction, and management
  • Hospital and healthcare development, construction, and management
  • Innovative Hotel design, development, construction, and management
  • Infrastructure design, development, and manage
  • Transportation
  • Telecommunication
  • Medical Marijuana / Cannabis growing, extraction, and processing plants
  • Hemp product productions and sales
  • Our very own new coding and computer security systems - Scaptz systems and platforms
  • And many more to come.

Many companies, countries, cities, towns, and individuals need our resources, and we can deliver them. The demand is very high and if we solve the two main problems that stop the whole process from ever been develop or even been considered, we will be very successful. Those two problems are:

        • Financing/funding
    • Management expertise and competency

We will solve these two issues by establishing an aggressive global management and funding/financing team that will develop these resources in a global marketing and technological platform.

We have separated Arpheion Global Corporation from Arpheion Global Capital Inc. in order to receive the commissions from the funds raised which will go back into Arpheion Global Corporation’s long-term development plan to expand into all the countries around the world.

The Family Real Estate Club (FREC)

The Family Real Estate Club (FREC) is an organization that brings people, companies, and organizations together to pool their money and resources into a specific fund for investing in the buying of properties to fix or rebuild or develop, then sell the properties for a profit or it out. The profits are divided amongst the investors into those groups at their participating percentages. These properties also can be rented out for developing a cash flow or income and a financial asset for that group. There will be many legal groups formed, some LLC’s and trust companies, etc. A local attorney via Arpheion will give you advice and consult on which form of legal entity is best suited for your purposes. A local contractor will have to be contracted to rehabilitate and fix up the property for sale or rent. All administrations will go through Arpheion Global Corp.

The FREC is not limited to your country only, with Arpheion Global our reach is global but for the next 12 months, we will concentrate on your local country and the USA. Each group will form their own companies and or trust in the USA via Arpheion Global Corporation, which is a registered US company that can facilitate the incorporation, management, and day-to-day operations of the company or trust in the USA. Please go to Arpheion will also manage the purchase, rehabilitation, and sale or rental of USA properties via contract.

The FREC is inclusive, meaning that anyone with funds to invest is welcome to join. There are only two requirements:

          1. The authorized person must be of legal age to sign and participate in the company or Trust etc.
          2. The minimum amount is $100.00 USD

We have structured it in this manner to make it very affordable to most working people. 

The average return in the USA on investment properties in the range of $50,000.00 to $100,000.00 is around $15,000.00 within 90 to 120 days to purchase. Most of the time, as the purchase price goes higher, so does your return. There are no limits on how high the purchase is.

Note: If an individual or organization wishes to go it alone it is ok. The down payment is between 15% and 30% of the purchase price. Arpheion Global will secure all additional funding and financing for the purchase and the rehabilitation cost of the investment properties.

  • 1 to 5 bedrooms Single family home
  • Duplexes and quadraplexes
  • Multi-unit apartment building with 6 units or more
  • All commercial properties and income producing properties
  • Small motel and hotels.

Participants can use the profits and income: 

  • Mortgage or rent payment or bill payment etc.
  • Retirement funds
  • College fund
  • New additions to your home etc.
  • Travel
  • Building fund
  • Project development fund
  • Small business develop fund
  • And what ever you want to do with your funds.

The cash will be dispersed within 10 days of final closing of the flipped properties and on the 15th of the month for rentals after 60 days from the start of the rental contract. All accounts will and must be manage by a certified registered accountant or accounting firm in the USA.

Other benefits after (6) six months 

  • 1 week vacation rental for all participants in a Florida home, more states and countries will be added as we grow.
  • The ability to setup a US company of your own
  • US bank accounts
  • Special features to have a US corporate debt card
  • Many other benefits to come.

Please Note: Everyone must sign a Non-disclosure & Non-Compete Agreement with Arpheion Global Corporation

We invite all churches, sports clubs, organizations, large and small companies, pension funds, unions, families and individuals to join us.

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