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Real Estate Projects That Aim to Improve the Lives of Many Families and Their Communities

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YurHome Project 

YurHome is a special program designed for individuals, families and groups that seeks to own a home and other properties, create assets and income for retirement and or own their own business. All you have to have is an income and we will take care of the rest for you. Our network of professionals from around the world and in your local area will help guide you in a direction that you feel comfortable with and can afford.


Ownership of what you say and do (your actions).

Ownership of your home, assets and retirement

Ownership of your future

The YurHome Project – How the System Works

An Idea Is Born 

Lots of people can not afford to buy a home or plan for their retirement. Some purchase their home but can not afford to keep it over time. We have designed and formulated a system that will place each members into a pool of people in the same situation and collectively use their resources, assets and capital to buy homes, create income and retirement assets for each of the members in that particular group.

Each member has their own time frame, location and pricing to purchase, make the payments and keep their home. All you need is an income or assets. This system and our special formula will be explained in detail when you join us.

This program is for members only. You will get the opportunity to have a personal Service Broker that will assist you in the enhancement of you and your families lives.

Ask for a free consultation.

Your Service Broker

A Service Broker is a professional manager that does research, finds, locates and organizes their clients/members affairs and portfolios. They guide you in the direction that is best suited for you only. The Service Broker is your very own personal manager that works through our own Wealthshare Investing Zystem, yes Zystem. (WIZ)

The HEAHC Project

Healthy Environmentally Friendly Affordable Housing Communities (HEAHC)

How the Program Works 

HEAHC is a development program that encompassing the following:

  • Healthy - Health care centers, food, clean water and sports that is produced in the community with easy accessibility for the people living in that community.

  • Environmentally Friendly - waste to energy and clean power supply

  • Affordable - cost of living in that community

  • Housing - the cost to own and keep the home

  • Communities - designed to accommodate almost everything from schools to hospitals to business centers and industries. The HEAHC Project will provide good paying jobs in the community.

Summary of Project

Arpheion Global Corp will build healthy communities that will accept the changes in technology, grow with the times and flourish. Our mandate is to constantly move forward and improve on what we have already built. AGC will forever seek out new technologies, innovations and grand ideas to make our communities better than before.

This means creating, finding and adding new products and services that will benefit the health, growth, security and prosperity of all our communities. The HEAHC concept will be transformed into a totally self-sufficient community offering everything that the community needs and wants.

We have connected with major companies from around the world including financial institutions to make all this a reality and not

just a dream.

Our communities will be built anywhere in the world, large or small, anywhere we are welcomed and in keeping with the culture and architecture of that country, city or town or village.

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