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Funding and Financing Solutions to Make Your Real Estate

Project a Success

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Our Services

Due to our large network of professionals. We have a long list of services. AGC main services are as follows:

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  • Funding/financing project & our investment platform & investment strategies 
  • Waste to Energy plant development, possible 100% financing 
  • Water From Air machine sales and manufacturing
  • Cactus farming to develop oils and carbon credit for oil companies. We need a minimum of (5) five thousand Hectares of land. (Please ask for our information package)
  • Fish farming solutions and development.
  • Hydroponics Virtual Farming
  • Universal Basic Income (UBI) projects for economically struggling countries
  • AGC will assist the USA and international clients in the incorporation and managing of their USA companies. We provide everything you will need for the development and the funding of your investment portfolio, project developments and company.
  • Global Real-estate Development 

For more information on these services and project developments see contact information Below

We Now Have Resources for the Following:

We Now Have Resources for the Following:

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  • Waste to energy development
  • Clean water supply technology
  • Alternative power supply

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  • New affordable housing designs and construction
  • New financing or funding options

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  • Vertical farming
  • Fish Farming land and open ocean farming
  • New global hotel resort development and branding

We Now Have Resources for the Following:

Other new technologies etc. that we are working to be suppliers of or agent for them or partner with them.

Let us show you how we can assist you with your project. A successful project requires good reliable information, a great team, the right funding resources and hard work. We are willing to work hard for you.

Your success is our success.

Research and Development 

Having the right information for your project is one of the main roads to success. We assist you in obtaining that information.

Real Estate Investments and Developments 

Real estate investing has the potential to make you very wealthy but you have to bring in an experience team and know what you’re doing to be successful in this business. This is what we bring to the table for you. We have experiences of over 30 years in the real estate business.

Funding and Financing 

All projects need funding and or Financing. Your funding and the way it is structured is very important to your bottom line. AGC assist in acquiring the right funding source, in a time frame that you need to successfully close your deal.

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